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your event dream becomes our creation.

Full Service Planning

The best day is yet to come. You are simply too busy to plan and honestly, where would you even begin. You are in the right place. We can present the vendor proposals, design plan and organize each meeting to fit into your unique schedules. It helps to know what you like enough to trust us to bring it all together. Collaborating with your style and big dreams, we handpick the best vendors, secure the perfect locations, and design the entire day around your beautiful story. There is no detail left untouched. This package is for you.

Design & Style + Coordination

You have and want to make the time ahead to lock in your vendor contracts. But you also know you need someone to guide a roadmap, offer support and be in your back pocket when those hard to understand contracts start coming in. You also want that same person can rock every detail once your day comes. You sort of have a budget created but need help with vendor referrals, how much to expect to spend on them and then there is the when to do what and how to best get started. You also aren't the DIY type and putting thoughts into a realistic vision would really help. This package collaborates logistics with style to create a day you and your guests will never forget.

Floral Design

We source locally and seasonally. The florals speak to romance and beauty. Our vibe is cool, wild, bohemian, earthy… something between feeling freshly foraged and elegantly styled to perfection. We believe florals should feel like they could have came from the place in which your event takes place. We remain flexible with the vision as it evolves and help guide our clients to know what they want. We would love to be your floral designer or add our services to your existing package. Tell us more about what flowers you love.



“I had the privilege of attending an event where Carrie magically transformed an average event venue into a room full of love and splendor! Carrie’s ability to connect with her clients and design a personal event with such ease is remarkable. Her natural aptitude for creating a forum where people enjoy, connect and build lasting memories is truly a gift!

— J. S., Santa Barbara, CA