Thank you Mom!

Happy Mothers day to all the Mom's out there!

As I was sitting reflecting on memories in my childhood with my Mom, I can remember her entertaining. Wow, did she not only love it but she truly knew HOW to cook and entertain! I remember her always looking so at ease when it came to preparing food and melding the etiquette of welcoming & laughing with her guests. She really knew how to get it all done! Growing up in a household where my parents were the 'entertainers', I realize how I became so very comfortable with gettin' all done and getting pure enjoyment at the same time.

Now that I am 'the entertainer' in my life, I love it when the time comes for me to share the same energy with my guests. I was raised seeing my parents take such kind care of their guests and I love doing the same. Whether its one guest or several, I always love preparing, creating, tidying and pulling out all my favorite pieces of earthenware, all while having a great time! 

So THANK YOU MOM for the gift of entertaining! You showed me something that has become such a happy spot in my life! 

I love you today and always,


carrie elizabeth