Q u i c k ! F I R E ! S e s s i o n !

Call now to have your Quick Fire Session! It's really that easy. 415 261 8086.

Get your questions/problems/concerns ready. It can be as simple as "This is what I need to plan, where do I start?" to "I have 10 vendors (oh and one just canceled) arriving to my event at all different times and I need to coordinate where they put things and who is there for them since I will be getting my hair done and can't be there. EEK!" Ok. No worries! We got this.

We'll then proceed to my quick fire to you. (Don't worry there is no pressure to answer quick or correct, it's just a term!) I have organized series of questions to target all the areas of a successful event. We will then have a clear idea of what areas have been missed or need attention. Cool, huh?

Event planning on your own can be extremely stressful, esp if it's not your thing (or even if it may be). The unknown. The dramatic (but possibly REAL) unexpected mysteries that we can create in our minds. I can help you manage, organize and resolve the flow. Call me. Let's chat for our hour. I promise things will feel lighter and more in the flow once we are done with the call.

Let me share a story. I was planning my own wedding. Everything. Amidst the month prior, I had our living room piled high with bins and all the extra stuff that was 'going to fit' and 'going to be organized with the rest', right? Wake up one morning, exactly 3 weeks before the wedding date, there was a tragic, unexpected death in the family. Time STOPPED. The bins became less meaningless, along with my organization journal and phone calls to be made, with this new & extremely overwhelming attention to our loss. But the DAY, the very special day, our wedding day, still had the same importance as ever. So the pile of bins didn't move for a while, until my 'then fiancé' said, "Honey, we need to focus on the wedding".

It was time to focus on the wedding.

First thought: Call family & friends and ASK for support. This is a BIG one.

Story isn't over... I spent 3 days focusing, breathing, organizing, asking for support. The day before I am about to leave to go down to the Bacara in Santa Barbara for some much needed R&R with the ladies, I did one slight bend and twist and POW! Back went out. Weeks later, I found out that I ruptured my L5/S1 disc. Who knew? The universe obviously did & was watching me run ragged over these last 3 weeks. I was doing everything for others on top of our last minute wedding throw together and not a whole heck of a lot FOR ME! 

True story. Point of the story, #1 Take care of you always. #2 Ask for help or better yet, hire help!

From that point forward, the universe gave me no other instruction other than to LET GO. The unexpected had happened and then the partially paralyzing happened. Thank God, the Universe, Great Spirit that I have AMAZING goddess friends who did most ALL of the work (thank you's for life) and I had HIRED a day-of executor

Now, what does this mean for you?

Start planning early, take care of you (Yes, you are #1) and gather your support team.

Boheme Beach is here for you. From experience. We prepare well in advance so there are no fires. And trust me, we are taking care of our bodies too! Regular exercise, yoga, meditation and plenty of water & whole foods.

Boheme Beach has a strong background in bird's eye view projects. We visualize it, plan it, create it and expedite it. Along the way, we take care of things so you can enjoy yourself because once again, you have to be prepared for anything! If you just want to talk and go over your plans, I would be happy to listen & offer some advice.

Quick Fire Sessions are 1 hour for $ 9 7 .

I have an offer going through April 1st, 2015 for $ 4 7 Quick Fire Session. Inquire and let's make a phone date. 


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