It is my pleasure to introduce to the Boheme Beach Blog! Boheme Beach is an event design and decor rental company.  Boheme Beach Blog will be your new go-to event planning blog to get creative DIY ideas, color & design inspiration, beauty tips, vendor referrals, exercise motivation, as staying active keeps your health vibrant and stress low and most of all, the best expertise support for your next gathering.

Everyone asks themselves at one point during their planning, will I be able to pull this off by myself, will all my helpers show up and understand what my motive is and most importantly, will I still enjoy my gathering? Trust me, it's ok to ask for help and sometimes all you need is a little support and encouragement that you actually have it all together! But there are some things you better just let someone else do. And I LOVE your details and simply want to hear about it all and hopefully I can make it go beyond your wildest dreams.

I am offering complimentary Q & A on this blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter so please ask away. Let this be the beginning to many fun events we plan together! 


carrie elizabeth