Spring Equinox Women's Circle March 20, 2015

Women have always been connecting. It's a natural thing to do. But lives have gotten busier. And busier. Does it seem that way for you? It seems that a new common theme is revealing itself for women today. It circles around empowerment, self acceptance, connection, self respect. Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and I am specifically writing this blog post to all those women out there who are achieving their goals, reaching towards their dreams, or possibly are stuck feeling they do not have a way to get to where they want to be. Maybe you don't know where to start.  Maybe you feel stuck in the way support shows up to you. From whom or how. Maybe it is how close family and friends are keeping you in an image of the past. Maybe it's relationship or friendship that no longer serves you? You want change. You believe you can. You know you can. You trust you can.

The time is now. The universe is shifting : stars, planets, oceans, land. It's all moving and we are in ecstatic motion within it all. We are microscopic. If we don't start now, when?

We all have heard: "This life is meant to be lived, so live it fully each day".

It doesn't have to be some grand endeavor. If reading more connects you, do it. If doing more yoga connects you, do it. If calling that old friend connects you, do it. If learning a new hobby or sport, do it. Maybe you are already living the dream but feel lost inside. We all have been in these places and seek inspiration. We are turning to our phones & computers more often than having the physical connection of one-on-one time. Intimate conversation. Transparent conversation. C O N N E C T I O N. Feel like shifting boundaries & climbing mountains? Do things that make Y O  U feel good. The result is always positive. Our thoughts and our actions form our future. Seek support & guidance and build healthy relationships with your community. It typically starts with ourselves. Looking within and satisfying the inner calling. Move forward with you first and then all things will follow. Try it.

Personally, I am growing my business into a deeper stage of Start Up. I am working my little peacock tail feathers off! I move methodically through life. I am Virgo Sun, Libra Rising and Scorpio Moon. I am an outgoing humanitarian that knows empathy. I am creating Boheme Beach from my heart & soul and asking for support where I know my skills limit me. Currently, I want to get more curious and move slower. I want to think outside the box and learn more. I am honing my entrepreneural skills and digging in. What is moving you these days?

In 2009/2010, I was involved in a women's circle weekly in Santa Barbara. The circles were lead by a women I truly honor & admire: Shanti Pincock. www.shantipincock.com At the time, I was learning to transform my grief from losing my father, one of my best friends. We had been through a lot and I lost someone I knew was always there for me. It was hard, really hard, but what got me through it was my Santa Barbara soul sisters. I will never forget this time of my life. The love, the support, the guidance, the calm in the storm. It was within these weekly women's circles that I shifted.

Fast forward now: 5+ years have passed. I live in the Bay area with my (now) husband. I sat semi-numb to the fact that I left (once again) an amazing community of women (and men) back in Santa Barbara. I have had a vision of just starting a women's circle for the heck of it but always go back to the thought that I don't know enough women. This thought has just left me well, no where. I am the kind of person that makes friends wherever I go and the truth is: I do know women AND I want to know you! I want more community in my Bay Area life and I want more women's circles in my Bay Area life.

Within the last 2 years, Boheme Beach was birthed. I have been working with Shanti, virtually. I also recently enrolled in a 90 Day Year business course with Todd Herman in NY. I met a Bay Area woman, Karen Villanueva, who is also in the 90 Day Year program. We were assigned Accountability Partners. I asked Karen if she was interested in sharing the facilitation of a women's circle. We grew a vision together to gather women in a sacred space and keep our circles: Simple. Organic. Authentic. To learn more about Karen, go here: www.villanuevadesign.com

The first women's circle was yesterday on Spring Equinox. Also a New Moon & a Solar Eclipse. Whewwwww! Not just any day. Not only the fresh cleansing vibes of Spring began but the intention setting re-set of a new moon & the powerful forces of this unique re-newing Solar Eclipse. The day was magical.

We are planning to continue with monthly women's circles. The next will be Saturday April 18th in Mill Valley. The circles are a $20-30 donation - give what you can. We welcome you bring something to share for the potluck style lunch. Bring a pen, journal and plenty of warm clothes as we will be sitting mostly. Water & tea is provided. If you are interested to hear more scoop about our women's circles, put your information in the form to the top right of this page. 

I look forward to seeing you in the next circle!

Come as you are.

Bring a friend.

Share as you desire.

All are welcome.

Gratitude & Blessings,

Carrie Elizabeth of Boheme Beach