B is for Boheme + Bliss

True story: I tweeked my knee earlier this week. Anyone who has been injured knows how debilitating an injury is: your emotions are tapped, your body feels pain, your energy is confined, your mind races, you must focus on your healing . . . 

AND you must continue to show up in your  L - i - F - E . . . 

to F O L L O W  Y O U R  B L I S S !!!! 

While I was limping around the kitchen this morning, getting our morning coffee ready (sweet injured one I am, huh?), my husband asked me about a client call I had yesterday. My energy burst out about how grateful I was to have a glimpse into my clients' lives in a short timeframe. Especially for wedding clients, I enjoy listening and sharing in their joy as they organize a momentous occasion. And guess what? I forgot I was injured for a few brief moments. I explained that my potential client was a match (for me) instantaneously! You know when you meet someone and you just know they're good people. I was following my bliss and realizing that my happy place is when I get to intimately work 'behind the scenes' with people on their vision of their coming special day or event. Event planning is my bliss.

I enjoy the moment where I listen and start building a beautiful vision in my mind from your explanation. I know this isn't the case for every single person out there which is why I am focused on listening FIRST. My potential client already has my attention from the first hello. Its where it goes from there that make my heart beat faster. Bliss in action.

I am so grateful to be in the position of event planning. I have huge dreams becoming reality right NOW, not tomorrow, not next year... my bliss-filled life needs me right now. My knee feels better already (sort of). What is to come for Boheme Events is gonna be amazing! I can't wait to share what's in store. But as we know, everything has its process so ... not quite yet! I will be hosting a gathering early summer that will be a showcase of my works.

I hope you keep me in your thoughts when you or a friend needs an event planner or event rentals. I assure you I will be present and ready to hear your needs fully. I offer a free 30 minute consultation to get the process started. I also have a downloadable "Get Your Party Started Right" that will be available on my website later this week.

May this inspire you to follow your bliss today. Find your joyful expression in life. Ask for what you want. Pay attention for when it shows up and most of all, show up for it when its knocking on your door. F o l l o w  y o u r  b l i s s and tell me how it shows up for you in a comment below.

In love & gratitude,

ox Carrie Elizabeth