Bohemian Vibes

Boheme is everywhere. Bohemian is everywhere. It is BohoChic. It is BohoMod. It is BohoNY. It is on the runways, in magazines, in window shops and definitely on Instagram :)

The history of Bohemia goes back to the late 1800's. It is nothing new. When i hear people say, Boho style is just a fad. I say, " No it isn't." Its a culture of style that has just morphed over the years. It has never really died. You can go back to Eastern Europe. You can go back to the first settlers of Bohemia in NY. You can read about the Beatnik Era and Bohemian Tribes in San Francisco. The small mountain communities through out California that still have May Pole Dances on May Day. Celebrating art, music, Now I see a huge surge in Australia defining their own ways of Bohemian culture.

I am grateful to carry the name Boheme with my business. My mission with Boheme Events  is to attract clients that have a modern sophisticated version of what it means to appreciate the natural world with a high level of class and poise.

I intend to begin a positive framework of consciousness of the event industry by respecting our environment, supporting organic caterers & sustainable craftsmen with all my available rentals. It won't be possible to do with every event but I am working on building an affiliate program by building relations with other business owners who are doing good for the whole, not just stopping at the good for their clients.

I hope you check out my contribution of services into the event industry. Stay tuned as the list of services & rentals grow. Every business starts small and that is right where I am. I must start somewhere. Give me a call and tell me about yourself & your next event. I would love to listen! 

OX carrie elizabeth